disc golf Course Design

Over the years, we have worked with municipalities, community groups and private citizens to develop disc golf courses all over the Pacific Northwest. We have experience with working with Parks departments and councils, putting together proposals and working through the process of permit application through to ribbon cutting ceremonies. We are always interested in growing the sport and would love to help with your community's project. 

Our courses are known for their flexibility and accessibility, and our team knows how to develop a course that grows with its users and provides a venue for both recreational use and competitive play. As competitive players, we've seen a lot of courses and understand what works; we're most concerned with creating a good flow, safety, and maximizing user enjoyment and fun. A good disc golf course has proven to increase tourism and economically benefit the communities where they're built.

Disc golf poses relatively low capital and maintenance costs compared with other recreational installations, a benefit for parks departments and communities looking to invest in recreational infrastructure. It’s an activity that can be played year-round in all climates and by people of all ages and fitness levels.

We would love to meet with you to discuss your project.