March 17, 2019

Dear USA PDGA Tour Player,

You are invited to participate in the Team USA selection process for the 2019 WFDF World Team Disc Golf Championships, to be held August 21-24, 2019 in Alutaguse, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia.

The event is an Olympic-style tournament to be played for medals only, with no cash pro purse. It’s a team event using match play format, beginning with round-robin matches where each nation will face off. Seeded play will follow. Formats include best shot, alternate shot, singles and worst shot. This is your chance to represent your country with pride as you compete for Team USA!

Your commitment:

Expect to be away a minimum of 9 days including travel, getting adjusted to time change, practice, and the tournament. You could spend up to $3,000 of your own money; a lot less if you fundraise for flight, accommodation, food, etc. Flights out of Seattle and Chicago are about $1200\$1500 return, 1 stop (no direct flights), with roughly 15 hours travel time each way. Accommodation details have yet to be announced, but Team USA plans to rent a house to provide the most affordable accommodation option for all players.

Anticipated schedule:

  • 1 day of travel to Estonia.

  • 2 days of adjusting to time change and practicing the course.

  • 3.5 days of round robin play. Generally, we try to give everyone 50% of the playing time. Last year with 9 rounds of round robin play, each player on the team got 4 or 5 rounds each.

  • 1.5 days of finals play for the top 8 teams. We will play our best available players throughout the finals. The rest of the team will support them and be ready to substitute if needed.

  • 1 day to travel home.

PDGA involvement

Team disc golf is a riveting format for a World Championship and allows a variety of athletes from around the globe to showcase their skills. As always, we appreciate the support and encouragement from the PDGA and look forward to finding additional ways to cooperate to help grow the sport of Disc Golf worldwide.”
– WFDF Board President, Rob “Nob” Rausch

The PDGA has offered to pay for the team entry fee and a share of the uniform cost, and has sanctioned the event as an XA Tier event in 2019.

Event history:

2016 – Vancouver, BC. CANADA - 6 Teams - Team USA finished 1st - winning a gold medal.

2017 – Colchester, England - 10 Teams - Team USA finished 4th-

USA is currently ranked 1st in the world in the WFDF disc golf world rankings. For a full list of current rankings, see:

2019 Team composition:

Up to 12 players can be selected to the team. Minimum six players are required to compete.
Details here:

  • 3-6 MPO players. (Anyone from any playing category)

  • 1-2 FPO players.

  • 1-2 MP40 players. (40 years +)

  • 1-2 Junior players (Birthdate: January 1st 2001 or younger, player can be PDGA Amateur or Pro Class)

Formal player reply:

Please email yes or no to: as soon as possible, subject line: 2019 Team USA World Team Disc Golf Championships - Player Reply

Team organizers: 2 spots

Team USA Captain and Team USA Manager

  • Team USA Captain, Mark Kilmer MPO/MP40, appointed by PDGA. Mark has been the team captain for USA in 2017 and 2015.

  • Team USA Manager will be selected by Team USA Captain. Not announced at this time.

Performance-based selections: 6 spots

  • MPO: 3 spots – The three highest PDGA rated players with more than 10 rated rounds in 2018 who apply before January 31st, 2019 will be selected.

  • FPO: 1 spot – The highest qualified PDGA rated player with more than 10 rated rounds in 2018 who applies before January 31st, 2019 will be selected.

  • MP40: 1 spot - The highest qualified PDGA rated player with more than 10 rated rounds in 2018 who applies before January 31st, 2019 will be selected.

  • MJ1: 1 spot - The highest qualified PDGA rated player with more than 10 rated rounds in 2018 who applies before January 31st, 2019 will be selected.

Note: Updated PDGA player ratings are scheduled to be published on January 29th, 2019. These ratings will be the final player ratings used for performance-based selections and will encompass the official events from which the minimum of 10 rated rounds in 2018 will be pulled.

Captain’s selections: up to 4 spots

These spots are optional. Qualified players who are willing to attend in a limited playing capacity and support role will be considered. These spots will be at the discretion of the Team Captain and Manager. Criteria will include: recent high-level competition experience, previous match play experience, international travel experience, ability to support team fundraising efforts, flexibility in meeting tournament needs for the team, and adding USA State diversity to the team profile. There is a preference to bring at least 4MPO, 2 FPO, 2 MP40 and 2 MJI eligible players on, so this will be our priority in filling these spots.

Shadow player selections for player replacement:

With so much happening before the event, we must be prepared for the circumstance where a selected player has to withdraw because of injury or circumstance. Team Captain will work to have “shadow players” ready to step in if this occurs. The selection process will be the same as the Captain’s Selections. In the event that we are not successful in finding a replacement from the application list, there is the option of finding a replacement through other connections in the disc golf community or not replace them at all.

For more information:

You can contact Team USA Captain Mark Kilmer at or 1-253-820-1971 if you have questions or want to discuss the opportunity.

If you are considering applying, we would encourage you to notify Mark informally so he knows to look for your application before the deadline.

Thanks for your interest in being a part of disc golf history as a member of Team USA!


Mark Kilmer Mike Downes
Team USA Captain PDGA Director of Operations